Friday, January 18, 2013

Synology Audio Station Lyrics Module

Audio Station Developer Guide, find "Audio Station Guide"

Requires Audio Station version 5.0 or above.

Audio Station 5.0 is currently in beta stage (released with DSM 4.2 beta). The built-in lyrics module can search lyric from LyricWiki ( But due to copyright issue, LyricWiki API only provides partial lyric, not full lyric.

There are already user-made lyrics module available to search lyric from other sites.

Provided by ajoman
o ChartLyrics (
o LoloLyrics (

Found in Chinese forum
o SynoAUM-TTPlayer (

Found in a Chinese blog歌詞外掛-2.html
o raykuo_mojim
o raykuo_ttplayer

Another plugin for Chinese

Updated 2019 0824:
Lyrics Module:
o Genius [fujirou_genius post]
o MusixMatch [fujirou_musix_match post]
o KKBOX (Chinese) [fujirou_kkbox post]
o MetroLyrics [fujirou_metro_lyrics post]
o LyricWiki (with complete lyric) [fujirou_lyric_wiki post]


  1. Hi,
    Just to tell congratulations for your great job!
    I´ve made +1 to share this with our Spain Synology community in Google+.
    Thanks a lot!
    Best regards.

  2. These are great. Is it possible to get a Korean lyrics module?

  3. Dear Frank, thanks a lot for the lyricwiki-plugin, works great. As most German lyrics are hosted at, will it be possible for you to provide a plugin for that site too? German music fans will love it..., Best greetings, Martin

    1. Just publish plugin for

      any feedback is welcome